le pauvre Camille (le_chouchou) wrote in mourir_libre,
le pauvre Camille

It is now -- barely -- la Fête du Génie, which makes me think of Fabre. I feel that I have given sufficient voice to my opinions in the past that I needn't call the aforementioned talent into question just presently. Indeed, it would be strange to find myself thinking of him at all if I had happened to have seen him more recently; one's memory, as ever, turns most naturally to the absent. This reassures me that he must still be himself.

I remark the date simply because yesterday was a different Fête entirely, although I doubt that anyone performed any particularly virtuous acts in its name. I hope, of course, that everyone is nevertheless enjoying our little holiday stretch. It is almost Opinion Day, so I shall have to see if I still possess any.
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