Georges-Jacques Danton (l_audace) wrote in mourir_libre,
Georges-Jacques Danton

Really, citizens. All this silence is most unbecoming.

For my part, I have no excuse, save that I have no especial wish to hasten certain reunions. And that I find quite enough by way of diversion without resorting to an excess of silly words; that's what I keep Camille for. However, it is an unusually tedious Sunday morning, and I am not nearly so drunk as I might have hoped. What is the point?

In a few weeks, it will be Camille's birthday. I suggest that we dunk him in the Seine once for every year he has spent in suspended existence. Perhaps David -- whom, I must say, it has been wonderful to see up and about after all this time -- would like to charge himself with whatever preparations he finds most suitable to the grand occasion.
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